Local Business 


For this project we had to select a small local business near to us and construct a functional, sleek, and easily navigable website for the user. I gravitated toward The Mane Place II on Bloomfield Ave in Verona, NJ, my hometown. I have been to this salon countless times growing up and I knew they did not currently have a website. My aim with this project was to provide a clean design with an elegant salon feel. This salon is targeted to women who desire an elegant, welcoming salon experience.

With this in mind, I wanted to create a website and app that felt equally as elegant and welcoming, while capturing the atmosphere of fashion and grace that can be achieved from spicing up your current hair style and routine.


Besides embodying these traits, the site needed to be clear and easy to use. One of the more unique functions in this site is the ability to quickly schedule a hair consultation using the Custom Counter sidebar. I also streamlined global and standard navigation on the right and focused content on the right. In terms of the home page, I added a segment for Stylist of the Month to impart that welcoming sense of inclusion that the salon has toward both new and old patrons. I also featured an image gallery to show off some to the latest styles the salon has featured.


Another cool page I created was the style catalog page, which combines the luxury of a catalog with the ease and speed of the webpage capability and function. The style catalog allows the user to browse a multitude of styles until they find the inspiration they are looking for to change up their look. Page turning is as easy as the click of a mouse, trackpad, or finger.


Through my overall color scheme I wanted to communicate relaxation and luxury while still providing contrast and legibility. The pinks and browns also suggest feminity and youth, without feeling too juvenile (i.e. hot pink would be too far a stretch, based on this salon's characteristics). Lastly, I used large photographs in the background to create dimension and an interest factor from page to page. The photographs, too, were chosen based on contrast, as well as color palette and whether it fit the mood and atmosphere of The Mane Place II.