For Nature Enthusiasts

Snapdragon App

For this project, we had to base our app on findings from the NYC Open Database. I was drawn to the data for community garden locations due to a preference for outdoors and a desire for a unique app that may be unexpected for New York City.


I started with the concept of photographing flowers and plant life for collection, much like a scavenger hunt. The user has a map tab to quickly locate the community gardens automatically (unlike having to search for them via Google Maps etc. which wastes time), a photo album to store and identify all their photographs, and a tab for turning those photos into functional and original applications and items available for purchase.


In its first comp, the app had a field guide to be able to identify the varieties of nature, but this function was edited out because I thought it was kind of bland, and I felt there was a need to make the app more interactive. (Also, someone can just look up plant varieties and species on the internet.) I later thought up the concept for taking the user’s photographs and printing them onto items to replace the field guide concept. I included the functionality to pay for the items through the app, too. This additional functionality of using photography in more creative printed applications gives the user the unique opportunity to turn their photography into art, giving the user a sense of purpose and added ability.

In terms of color palette, I wanted to use bright tones to give the app a fresh, modern feel and to evoke the bright colors you see in many flowers. In the early comps, I had duller shades of green and pink. In later comps, I transitioned the color palette to a bright red (flower) and bright green (stem). The greenish-blue tone was added as a unique and fun compliment.

For the promotional poster, I wanted to really push the floral imagery. I lowered the opacity to create a pretty layering effect while also taking the brightness away from the floral images (so they wouldn't be too distracting as a background collage.) I organized the arrangement of this floral collage to balance positive and negative space. I also created a text lockup of some buzz words that feature the user's experiences with the app, such as "wander," "create,' and "discover." Since people are less inclined to read large blocks of text, I highlighted the most important parts of the text in the classic Snapdragon red.

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