Ruff and Tumble


In this project, I tasked myself with designing packaging for a product specifically for dogs and puppies alike. Knowing how dedicated furry friends are to playtime, I wanted the design for the package to be as fun and playful as the pups are themselves. I began by creating a bright, lively color palette. From there, I came up with the funny and punny title "Ruff and Tumble" and designed a clean, bold logo contained in brackets. Also integral to the logo and identity of the Ruff and Tumble brand is the little doggy face insignia on the box's tabs.


On the very front of the box, the focal point is the bright photo of a happy, bounding pup. Around the face of the packaging, I list and highlight the benefits and variety of the product, which include keeping your dog(s) safe and healthy as they frolic. Additionally, I mocked up some of the sleeves that the bandages would come in, adorning them with a simple, fun pattern including both the text logo and doggy face insignia.